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Adam's Project!
My son Adam has a small business where he makes a very nice wood chest.  They are hand made and he takes orders as they come in.  The local 4th of July Freedom Festival had Adam make a special Chest for Glenn Beck, the Fox news commentator and Radio Show host.  Adam calls it his Old Glory Chest.  The top is the American flag and the inside of the lid is the Old Glory Flag. 
   They made a big deal out of it and Adam was able to present it to Glenn. Here are a few pictures.

  If any one is interested in a Chest for their Family etc, Email me.


Declaration of Purpose

This handcrafted chest bears the priceless symbol of freedom

Old Glory


This flag is not a symbol of power and prosperity—

although these often come to those who honor what Old Glory represents. It is a symbol of the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and of personal freedom to achieve personal greatness. This freedom is a sacred gift— granted by God, secured by the constitution, protected by the men and women of the armed forces, and preserved by all people everywhere who exercise their own freedom and respect the freedoms of others. As a symbol of freedom, this flag is an inheritance from the brave who have gone before us, and a legacy to the hopeful who will come after. As the chest would have been used in the days of America’s noble founders, let it hereby protect the priceless symbol of our liberty, and guarantee the happiness and peace that freedom always brings.

Old Glory Chest Company