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A little History
    First off, let me just say I made this page myself, late at night and not knowing anything about this sort of thing, so please be kind!

My name is Armond D'Agostini, I grew up in California and was raised in the Autobody business starting by sweeping the shop floor when I was just about 12.  I learned the trade from my father and his employee's.   Since I was just a small kid I have loved pretty much all old cars.  I really wanted a 57 Chev Belair, but my father had towed in a 69 mustang coupe, he ended up with the car thru the insurance co. Then on my 16th birthday he threw me the keys and said there ya go, go fix it.  The car was a total and a mess. It took me a full year to get the car repaired after school and sports etc.  It turned out better than I could have hoped and I drove the car until 1982 when I sold it to buy a brand new Black 1982 Mustang GT.  It was great at the moment, but I have always regretted selling it and I have done some searching for the car with no luck. I sold it in Overland Park KS.     

Unfortunately I have not taken pictures of every car I have painted or fully restored.  I have restored not just Mustangs, but I have done a few Camaros and Chevelles and a couple of Mopars and some Pontiac's and one Buick, but the majority have been Fords.  I love all Muscle cars regardless of brands.  Well I don't think too much about AMC's.  

I have a great wife, Annette who is an artist and has two Masters Degree's! Must smarter than me.  I have 6 great kids all on their own and 5 step kids almost all on their own and 17 grandkids.  Muscle cars are great and I love what I do. But nothing can compare to my family and especially my Grand Children. 

I do all my own work, complete structural repair and painting.  I do complete assembly also, but prefer to let you take it apart and reassemble.  When I restore a car, I do a lot of research and paint in the style that the factory had done originally.  The undercoating and overspray is all done in the correct sequence.  I have had a number of cars in magazines and have had MCA gold winners. 

Here is a shot of me and Annette.   We had just got married in Las Vegas!  She is a sweet heart!

My 6 kids

My Kids with their spouses and some of my Grand kids

Here are some my grand kids.