Shelby and Boss specialist
69 Shelby Pics 2
I have been bad about updating pictures.  I found for me, a non computer guy, it time consuming to keep this updated.  I have added pictures that show the spot welding and some undercoating.  One interesting picture shows the orange paint sprayed on the right side air box. This told the assembly line workers this was a special car. It is usually found on the right front of the core support.  As a note you will see this orange paint on the inside of the right inner wheel house usually for cars that required the staggered shock mounts welded into the rear floor.  

On the passenger side rear quarter panel, it had been poorly repaired back in the day and they did the old drill 20 holes in the wheel opening area. Well the outer wheel house was drilled thru also and this caused the outer wheel house to rust out enough I decided to replace just part of the outer wheel house. I put in a new section, saved the quarter panel and the re-spot welded the new outer section to the quarter panel. I also replaced both rear trunk floors as I found more rust here, so I spot welded these in also, so there are some pics of this done, but I did forget to take pictures as I was working. The last set of pictures are of the bare metal spots that were there when the car was first built.  After doing what is neccessary to restore the metal I then plate the area with Zinc to help with the corrosion problems bare metals has. It won't stop it but will help for many years.  I do this also in the trunk. I will post some pictures of it all done under the car soon. The car had a cool metallic silver with a tint of green for the slop color. I matched this before I stripped it.   I have more pictures to down load off the camera and I'll do it soon.