Shelby and Boss specialist

68.5 three

It has been a while since I have down loaded some pictures. The car has been on the rotisserie. I am fixing all the problems on the underside of the car. The car will be shot on the underside in Red Oxide as this car did originally have Red Oxide.  The car has moved along nicely. it has just had more repairs than we expected.  The mounting points on the rear frame rails all needed replacement of the metal where the holes are located.  I did not need to do the four front area's.  Rather than try and fix the pitted/rust holes, I replaced the metal.  I use a hole punch to make the perfect 3/4" hole. These will be plated soon.  I replaced the full dash as I found rust holes buried with bondo in the upper dash and major pitting.  I used a 68 coupe parts car.  The car also had a near mint firewall pad and a source of other nice parts.  I also cut the correct hood scoop mounting holes and opening. Fortunately I have an original 68.5 hood skin I use as a template.  More soon.