Shelby and Boss specialist

68.5 California Special

This is a 1968 1/2 R code Cobra jet. The car is one of three California Specials built with the 428. so it is very rare.  The above picture is of the car a few years after the original owner bought the car.  It was stored away since 1980.  It is an Automatic car with 3.91 rear end. I show pictures of the left quarter panel being replaced. I did replace the right also.  There was some shock tower rust and a small spot on the passenger front floor.  Not to bad as far as rust for a Utah car.  We recovered the two front seat in original material, not the repo stuff.   The interior is standard black.   Just hours before I was going to paint the car I injured my left hand and required Nine stitch's.  So I had a good friend come in and paint the car for me. Josh Carter at Carter's Body Shop in Provo gets the credit for doing a nice spray on the car.   I could have posted some more pictures of the restoration, but it is a pain.............

Andrea Tantaros

This is John, the original owner of the car. He came over and helped me drop the Motor in. 

The car went to it's first MCA National show and it took Gold first time out. I need to do some small details to the car.  I finished it the day before the show and was pretty tired.