Shelby and Boss specialist

68.5 GT Fastback

This is a 68 1/2 GT fastback 428 Cobra jet. The car is code T red. Parchment interior.  The car was at another shop. The owner of the car was not happy with the work so he contacted me and asked me if I would bring in the car and take it over. 

The car is a Dearborn built car and lived back east and was pretty rough.   I found after getting the car that the roof had problems. We decided to replace the roof.  The quarter panels had already been replaced as was the floor, rear trunk floor and rear body panel and some patch work in the engine compartment and cowl.    When the quarter panels were replaced, they failed to weld the inner structure on the inside of the sail panels.  Of course when I welded this area it ruined the other shops primer/bondo repair they had done here. 

After I replace the roof I'll re-lead the seams.  I fixed the shock towers correctly and I am replacing the rear lower panel beneath the back glass as this was poorly repaired.   I will go back and put in spot welds were needed around the trunk area.  The following pictures are of the shock tower repairs and roof etc.   The owner of the car has bought a lot of nice NOS parts for this car, so it should be a pretty nice car when it is done.  Jeff's team at R & A Motorsports in Lee's summit Mo rebuilt and  ran the motor breaking it in. so this is one thing I don't have to worry about.  R & A had nothing to do with the body work done on this car.

The following pics show how the new roof panel fits. It's just set in place. I have some patch work to do before I can weld it on. The repo drip rails fit surprisingly well.

I found a number of rust holes filled with bondo. So I blasted these are's out and will replace and weld up these holes. 

I was fortunate as to having a 67 fastback parts car to take out some original metal out of. There is a small bracket that I replaced on the passengers side inside of the trunk.

The two rear inner fender brackets I decided to replace with some originals.  I found some filled holes here needing to be fixed also.