Shelby and Boss specialist

1970 Boss 302

This is a 1970 Boss 302 that I recently painted.  It was a really clean low mileage car. It did need a rear body panel replacement. I found an NOS one.  It did have some typical Body work, but nothing major.  Because of this I did not take the usual amount of pictures showing repairs.  I still need to do the black out on the car. I will let it sit for a while then polish the car and paint the engine compartment and rocker black out.  I will then do the hood stripe and rear body panel and deck lid black out.  I am installing the headliner and rear glass and new windshield. I will install the door glass and most of the moldings on the body.

The owner found an NOS wing.  I did a pre mount for it and will paint it later.

I painted the car is Sikkens single stage urethane.  I'll let it sit for a while then I will polish it. 

I should mention I painted the underside and inner fenders in a dark gray/bluish metallic I matched to the car.   I over sprayed the green exactly like they did it on the car.  After I black out the engine compartment it will blow over the cowl area etc. I'll post those pictures when I get it done.  Below are a few pictures I took before I stripped the car.  Notice in the first pic below the OK and B/O written.  I'll copy these the best I can. I also attached a few other detail pictures.

I thought I should post a few pictures of the car finished to the level the customer wanted.  He will finish the car from this point.