I am going to post some pictures as I restore this Shelby.  The following pictures I am posting because they had some intresting info on the original build.  I did take a few hundred pictures for refrence to what nuts and bolts were in place etc.  I am not going to take up space on this websight with all the pictures I took.  This car had a metallic gray with a green tint as the floor pan color.  The car had been undercoated and shows just about 90 thousand original miles.  The interior other than the headliner is in excellent condition and will be reused.  Notice on the picture of the rear body panel, can you see what was done wrong? Pretty funny!  At the bottom of the driver's side rear quarter is some rust, because the rest of the quarter being so solid, I am going to patch this spot in.  I personally hate to patch anything and would rather replace a whole panel, but it really can't be justified in this case. There is some typical rust at the top of the shock towers I have to repair also.  Other than this, it is a pretty solid nice car.  The motor and trans are number matching.  This is a very early build Nov 68 car

Shelby and Boss specialist
1969 Shelby Resto

Notice above a worker did some math on the inner wheel house, it doesn't seem to add up!

Notice the tape line for the black out on the front fender. This is normaly at a higher point. More to follow!

This car has the typical shock tower rust and I'll show how I repair it.