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1969 Mustang GT R code

This a 1969 Mustang GT R code 428 Super Cobra jet 4 speed'

I have had this car about 21 years. I did most of the repairs years ago and it was put into storage because I was just too busy. You know, a divorce and re-marriage.  Things are now very good.  I decided I better get it home and get started as I am not getting any younger.   Years ago I was telling a customer how I had always wanted a 69 Cobra jet coupe. Yes, coupe. My first car was a 69 coupe and I grew fond of them.  I learned, while stationed in Kansas while serving in the Military, that they did indeed make such a car. So about 8 years later one of my customers told me of one and we went to look at it in Salt Lake City.  I made a deal and here we are..
 The car is one of 86 R code 69 coupe with a 4 speed.  Out of the 86 coupes, 46 of them are GT's. So in terms of numbers, pretty rare.
Stupidly I did not take pictures like I should have.  The car is a factory test car. I believe it was a torque test car for bolts and nuts???  The reason I think maybe it might be is because every nut on the car and bolt in the suspension area and engine mount and tranny bolts had a yellow paint marking dab on the threads. Also the car came with 3.50 gears. It has the original block. The motor is an SCJ motor. The oil cooler was there. The lower bracket of the oil cooler was bolted on top of part of the build sheet that was taped to the lower core support at the factory.  So this tells me it was there from the beginning.   Stupidly I did not take a picture of this. The build sheet should tell you the engine code, but the two copies I found are unreadable. I can only assume that Ford engineers could get what they wanted. I can't at the moment prove it was an SCJ car with 3.50 gears.  I talked to Kevin Marti about it and there might be a possibility to get more info down the road about the cars exact history. I am not concerned about the motor issue. I just love the car.  If anyone else has an idea, please let me know. I am putting the car back as I found it, less yellow paint everywhere. I will post pictures I have and the continuing restoration. My goal is to have it done by the 50th Mustang anniversary show. If I don't, no big. 

Here are a few pictures. The car is almost ready to take off the rotisserie.  It will go back on when I put the correct dark gray/blue color on the floor pan.  The bare metal jig areas are taped off in the picture. I'll show those later.  The underside is primered in a light gray epoxy at the moment.  All the repairs were finished and I'll scuff this before is goes the correct color.  The engine compartment is primered in black epoxy primer and all repairs are done.  The inside will get a coat of red oxide, the trunk a gray epoxy for easier coverage when I paint it back winter blue, and then I'll reseal everything.


I have been so busy I have ignored the coupe! Pretty sad really.   I did manage this last weekend to spend a whole day on it.  The sail panels at the seem where it is leaded had started to crack at the rear window location. I have decided this was caused from it's racing days!    One side worse than the other.  I melted out the bad area and re leaded them  I then finished off the sail panels and got then in primer.  I did some work to the roof where it looks like a kid probably walked across it.  I had to re align the drivers side deck lid hinge.  The car had a factory flaw here. It took me a bit to figure out why the deck lid was so far to the left. There is no adjustment here.   I ended up breaking loose the hinge. It is welded in place. I moved it over to the right about 3/8" and that solved the problem.  It now lines up well and there is no pulling over with the striker.   I am using one NOS left quarter extension and the right side is the original.  I am using a new donor deck lid as the original had some rust on the lower lip and I wanted a nice one on my car.  You can see where I sanded away the paint on the original extension the original winter blue color is showing. It had been painted silver when I got the car and had stupid 70 Boss style stripes on it. It looked terrible! 

 Another interesting flaw in the car was the top of the right rear quarter panel where the deck lid, no matter what could be done to it, it would not line up even with the quarter panel and quarter extension. the deck lid was sitting high here.  I didn't remember this being a problem, but I did disassemble the car over 20 years ago.  Well after sometime of fooling with it I discovered that the top of the quarter panel at the trunk opening was diving down toward the rear. Miss aligning the quarter extension down ward and making it impossible to fit it nice.  Now this was clearly over looked when the car was built and was always a problem. Well I can't have that, so I broke loose the top of the quarter at the rear opening and raised it back up at least a quarter of an inch. I re welded it and now it lines up 100% better.   The car was not perfect and it was pretty much beat to hell in the past.  I can't live with these types of issues.