Shelby and Boss specialist

1969 Boss 429

This 1969 Boss 429 has come to me from California.  The car originally came out of Michigan so there are some rust issues. I stripped the car and the put epoxy primer on the car. Red Oxide inside, gray underneath and black in the engine compartment.  I'll post pictures as I do the repairs and hopefully remember to do it.  I will be doing the structure repair and paint work only. The owner wants to assemble the car and that is just great!!  

I started with the shock tower rust issue. Doing the repair and finishing them off with the spot welder.

 I am not going to post every repair. I thin these give the idea of what I am doing.

I put some etching primer on the repairs for now to protect them.   I need to do some clean up and detail work on the underside. I'll do this when I get the car back on the Rotiseri. 

I had matched the color of the bottom of the car and finished it with drips and runs.  it has metallic in it though you can't see it in the pictures.  

More later......

The car is pretty close to being ready for paint.  The doors are hung and the deck lid fitted.  I did a pre fit of the front fenders and hood.  I actually have done this a few times.  before the metal work was done and after final priming.  The hood had one real issue at the right front having been hit there, bent down and back. Over all though, the hood hood was pretty nice compared to what I usually have to deal with.  

When hanging doors you have to weigh them down with 30 to 35 pounds. I use small 5 pound weight lifting weights. If you don't I guarantee your door will sag out of alignment once the glass and all hardware etc is installed.  Once you pull out the weights, the door will spring up out of alignment.  That's what you want.  

On the deck lid In order to get it properly adjusted I installed an original seal that I saved from another deck lid and put it in place with some tape holding it and adjusted the deck lid.  Of course a repo one should be used if you don't have an original.  This will help later when the seal is installed after painting. You won't have to make any adjustments and risk hurting your paint.   A few more things to finish and I'll do a final wet sand on the car and get it painted.  I'll post pics once it is finished.