I decided to add some pictures of the 66 Shelby I restored a few years ago. I had taken a lot of pictures for the customer and here are a few.  

I used NOS quarter panels for replacements. The car had been flared and raced so it was a bit beat up to say the least!  We brought a 65 coupe up from Calif to use as a donor. I took the car apart, I saved the floor pan and outer wheel houses for the Shelby and pretty much threw away the rest of it.  

The first thing I did was replace the floor pan as it had been cut up and beat to hell. I could not find the pictures of this process. I then moved on to the quarter panels replacing them one at a time and then replaced the front core support.  I also replaced the dash panel as it was cut up from its racing days. The hood is the original, it was in bad shape. The original metal frame was tweaked, so I de-skinned the fiberglass skin and re-glassed it to a new frame. This was a pain but it worked out very nicely.

The car was missing one original side scoop, so I used a repo that was on the car and worked the inside of it to match the original.   I did all the interior paint work on the doors and dash and reinstalled his door glass and some trim. The side scoops also. The car originally did not have the Lemans stripes.   Hopefully he'll get the car back together soon

Shelby and Boss specialist
1966 Shelby Resto

This is my fovorite product to use on fiberglass, Polyprime. I then used Sikkens color build.